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Hidden Racism


“Let me move so she can’t see me,” my black friend said.

Four of us were looking through the locked glass door, hoping the lady at the end of the hall would come and let us in. We needed to see the kitchen in this building before making a final decision about renting this facility for a meeting.

I said nothing as my friend ducked behind us – three white people, including me.

The lady came to the door and invited us in and all was well.

But two days later the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart with a troubling thought.

My silence was a racist act! By saying nothing, I condoned a potentially racist condition.

Out of love for us, and a humble self-sacrificing attitude, my friend did what he thought was expedient, and I respect him for that. But for me to take advantage and use it is another matter.

So, today I apologized to my friend for my racism – a racism hiding inside me. Revealed through two glass doors.



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