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The Dream


Dr. Martin L. King
Dr. Martin L. King

“I have a dream,” he stated five and sixty
years ago, “to extinguish withering flames
of injustice in our great and troubled land.”
Words that resonate yet in halls-of-yearning.

The dream holds firm with inaugural zeal of
apostles, marching forward, ever forward,
never turning or considering retreat,
with individual achievements on all fronts.

“Come, enter the bastion of justice,” he says.
His message flows to islands of poverty,
hidden in the ocean of prosperity,
held in place by chains of discrimination.

To be an exile in one’s own land is
anathema to people living the struggle
for freedom on the high plane of dignity,
where thoughts, words and actions make a difference.

But oppression’s fire wanes in twilights of hope,
as pilgrims create outposts of refuge, where
beacons shine over dark valleys beckoning
the weary to safety and out of darkness.

Decades of light growing stronger with people
of courage, advancing with audacity,
eradicating darkness with beams of truth,
blazing trails through foothill and mountain forests.

They labor, hewing stones of hope from the
mountain of despair, so justice can roll down
like water, righteousness like a mighty stream,
into the wide ocean of prosperity.

But the time is not yet for celebration,
while doors of opportunity remain closed
to all people. Crooked paths are not yet straight.
Education’s work is not yet complete.

The dream lives on today, it lives in striving hearts
of color, and will continue, unabated,
until they are able to sing “Free at last!
Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!”

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