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You Are Affected by What You Hear

“evil communications corrupt good manners.” 1 Corinthians 15:33

This is good counsel reminding us that what we hear affects our behavior.

It is good to walk away when people begin speaking evil, whether it be humor, politics or criticism.

This may not be possible when working, but we can offer silent prayer when trapped in some social situations.

Spiritual Exercise of prayer, Bible study and meditation on God’s Word will fortify us.

Jesus then will provide power from the Holy Spirit to protect us from bad influences.

I praise God for this assistance.

What say you about God today?

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MY ChIld


I know you’re living in
another world
with money,
glitz and social distractions,
and life unflagging–no time for
in the corporate world
where stress prevails.

Your time is precious and
must be guarded,
subordinates suckle it
to their advantage,
selfish underlings
who seek to gorge with
greedy intention.

You left my nest with much
support bestowed,
my heart overflowing,
as gifts of intellect and talent
answered calls to greatness—
destiny beckoned.

Your absence left a
and now there’s
empty room where
you once were nurtured,
love will follow,
wherever you go,
to greatness or failure,
you’re still my child.

By Gerald E. Greene
Copyright 2017, by Gerald E. Greene, All Rights Reserved




One Christian’s Thoughts of Halloween (a Sonnet)

A dead tree.
A dead tree.

I have a dilemma about Halloween,
with neighbors and children obsessing of death,
while worshiping zombies that breathe a cold breath,
as costumes make fright with a skeletal scene.
Their clothing and makeup reminds of a fiend,
where masks have evolved for the worse, I confess,
with death and the devil conveying distress
to places of horror where demons convene.
Does no one consider the cost and outcome,
or ever look forward, the future to see
enraptured attention devoid of remorse?
Hell-fire and damnation draw thoughts away from
things healthy and holy that spawn purity.

To honor the saints is a better choice, of course!

Gerald E. Greene is a spiritual coach and writer
Copyright 2016 by Gerald E. Greene, all rights reserved