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”Though the Lord be high ,yet has He respect unto the lowly.”

The world is moving so fast and the enemy is mad and angry everywhere.

Each day that comes by brings with it the delusion of popularity.

While the rich display their personal gainthe poor strive to be like them.

I must confess, without Christ it is absolutely difficult here .No, we cant make it at any cost.

I am a sinner and suffer the temptation of pride too but each time I look at the cross I marvel at the beautiful condescension.

Jesus our Lord who long was with the Father descended from heaven ,left the peace and glory and suffered shame and anguish unspeakable in the very hands of created men.

Jesus’meekness man hence the devil would not prevail against him.

Get this, the humble don’t die.

Satan in his pride rebelled against heaven and in his pride wanted to kill the son of God but He rose again that Sunday morning.

Praise the Lord!

Christ is honored and respected again.

From heaven to Calvary? Isn’t that amazing?

I thank God for the life of Jesus Christ and the demonstration of His humility.

I want to be like Jesus today.

What say you about God today?

You and I can benefit much from studying the life of Jesus. It will give us the same power from the Father that He received. Power that will slowly change our desires to be more pure. Power that will slowly help us to dislike sinful things. When our desires and “likes” change we can be used by God as a sweet aroma to help others.

Salvation is a one-to-one affair. Family or church worship isn’t enough to form and grow a relationship with God.

So, join me and spend time with God. Spiritual Exercises are fun, You’ll love it!

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If Jesus spent all night in prayer then why do we think we need so little?

Jesus would arise early in the morning and go outside and find a place of seclusion to pray. He spent time with the Father and received strength. It allowed Him to resist temptation. It allowed Him to succeed in His mission.


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