The Anonymous Donor

There was a concert here last Saturday night,
with prices extraordinarily high,
and it could have been an affair twice the size,
if its tickets hadn’t cost so much to buy.

Twelve special people sat in the audience,
using tickets given with varied intent,
who wouldn’t otherwise be in attendance,
as a result of prices exorbitant.

Some of the tickets were given by persons
seeking attention for actions outstanding,
elevating ego and reputation,
thereby increasing pride and social standing.

One of the donors felt extremely guilty,
holding two tickets while a friend gave freely,
with generosity to those less able,
so he gave his, albeit reluctantly.

Others donated due to expectations,
with thoughts that giving was a good remedy,
to ease troubled conscience and accomplish good.
Their gifts, then, derived from a sense of duty.

But there was one with a different incentive,
who felt a desire to make someone happy,
with tickets they certainly couldn’t afford,
so she donated hers anonymously.

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by Gerald E. Greene
Copyright 2018, All Rights Reserved

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