Love’s Proclamation

Let me be a seal on your heart,
not just a mark, but public display
of irrevocable bonding;
two souls united, it shall portray.

Let me be a seal on your arm,
announcing love’s desire for service,
rejecting amusement and waste,
supporting fidelity’s promise.

For love transcends time’s restrictions,
eternally crossing dimensions,
proving its strength, equal to death,
disregarding man-made proscriptions.

Its jealousy listens with ears,
of a mother’s ardent attention.
It watches with eyes of Argos,
prepared for crisis intervention.

It can’t be measured, can’t be forced,
conceived with kindness, its motivating.
It grows in intimate moments,
with commitment’s catalyst coupling.

Your love is like accelerant,
creating great flames from heart’s kindling,
spawning heat and blessings to all,
with widespread, overflowing wellspring.

Song of Solomon 8:6

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by Gerald E. Greene
Copyright 2017, All Rights Reserved

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