The Servant

What is this longing I cannot describe,
this sense of hunger most elusive,
that comes to my consciousness frequently,
creating desire to serve and give?

I notice especially when praying,
the hunger emerges, reviving,
it lingers awhile, enhancing desire,
that I find, to be most inspiring.

This longing brings sense of purpose divine,
of service eternal where needed.
God’s plan is too large to be understood,
where service occurs unimpeded.

I only know where I’m needed today.
I just understand the small picture.
“To love is to serve,” I hear when I pray,
true guidance from heaven, I am sure.

Happiness comes with a service of love,
a joyous condition prevailing,
that brings to the world a glimmer of hope,
in spite of my slight understanding.

So, I serve in my human condition,
a cog, very small, in God’s wheel,
addressing needs, wherever I find them,
creating in me greater zeal.

Copyright 2017, by Gerald E. Greene, All Rights Reserved

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