The Decision

She couldn’t decide one way or the other.
The quandary befuddled her mind day and night.
For weeks she struggled with nigh a decision,
was torn between heart and conviction of right.

She thought about motivation and feelings,
she wondered if cowardice played any role,
in her questions and doubts about educa-
tion, affecting her heart as well as her soul.

She felt called to nursing, she knew it was right,
as many doors opened, by persons of wealth,
to work with disease and suffering patients,
in order to help and restore life and health.

But doubts still persisted about the right choice,
involving gross fluids and blood and feces.
Did cowardice motivate, or was it right
to reject this calling to deal with disease?

And then one night, in sacred meditation,
she felt a conviction of what she should do,
rejecting her heart in favor of reason,
she settled on nursing–the right choice, she knew.



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