Will The Very People Who Hate Us See Jesus In Our Life Today?

“If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink;” Proverbs 25:21

Jesus knew this proverb and He lived by it. He was smote; He was spit upon; He was ridiculed; He was conscious while hanging upon the cross of death; He was even forsaken by the One person He loved the most–His Father. Yet He was faithful and loved those who hated Him.

Please ponder this with me and let His life influence ours. Let us become like Jesus in every way. Never for our glory, but only that we can serve others out of our love for God.

I praise God for the life of Jesus, how it serves as our model.
What say you about God today?

exercise- final-small

Spiritual Exercise is an important part of my daily regimen, and it should be a part of yours too. If you spend an

hour a day doing physical exercise to keep in shape, then why not spend an hour a day doing spiritual exercise? If

you spend an hour a day in leisure activities like watching TV, then why not spend an hour a day with God?

Salvation is a one-to-one affair. Family or church worship isn’t enough to form and grow a relationship with God.

So, join me and spend time with God. You’ll love it!

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One thought on “Will The Very People Who Hate Us See Jesus In Our Life Today?”

  1. Love is what it is all about. Love is what we all need, want, crave, seek. But to love, to give love is often not in us to give. To love our families and friends is sometimes difficult, but to love our enemies? Jeremiah 17: 9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jesus offers us an opportunity to live in an universe where love reigns and where all the beings receive from God in order to give to their fellow beings. I want that. I want to live in a universe of unselfish love, but I would not fit in. I need a new heart. One that is as ready to give love as it is to receive it. Today, I plead with Jesus to give me this heart, to flow love through me to others, even to my enemies. Recreate me to fit into Your universe that when You come again You can bring me to be in Your universe of love.

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